Golden Jubilee

 Saint Robert Bellarmine Celebrates Their Golden Jubilee!


50th Logo

The logo is comprised of our parish name, encircling the cross, the mark of our salvation. Flanking the cross are the four letters A.M.D.G. signifying the first letters of Latin motto of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) of which Saint Robert Bellarmine was a member. The Latin motto is: Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam, translated “For the greater glory of God.” This phrase, translated in our logo, reminds us of what has and must continue to motivate all that we do as a parish community, the greater glory of God! The year of our founding and the year of our jubilee are also represented. Within the logo are six gold pine cones taken from the Coat-of-Arms of Cardinal Bellarmine when he was named to this rank in 1599 by Pope Clement VIII who later assigned him to govern the Diocese of Capua. The use of pine cones in a heraldic shield represent rebirth. As we acknowledge the blessings of the past fifty years, we now beg the Lord for a rebirth of faith and its practice in the lives of all members of our parish community!

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Opening Mass and 40 Hours




Founders’ Sunday


Jubilee Christmas Concert


Former SJR Faculty Mass and Reception


Jubilee Volunteer Conference


Valentine’s Mass for Married Couples


Parish Mission


Workshop with Thomas Smith and Dana Catherine


Annual May Procession


Closing Jubilee Year Mass


Closing Jubilee Year Dinner


Parish Trip to Italy