Parish Leadership

Liturgy Committee
The Second Vatican Council declared that all be called to “full, active and conscious participation” in the Liturgy (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy). The purpose of the committee is to assist the pastor and clergy in planning and coordinating liturgical celebrations to ensure that they: 1) glorify God in the highest possible manner; 2) make use of all appropriate talents; and 3) include all who come to worship. Members are appointed by the parochial vicar. For more information, please contact Fr. Matthew Biedrzycki at 215.343.0315.

Parish Finance Council
The Finance Council is a consultative body that advises and assists the pastor in financial matters. The Council oversees the financial health of the parish. It recommends plans and directed courses of action to meet the financial needs of the parish. The Council also advises the pastor on any capital improvements that may be needed. The Council reviews financial reports during the year and assists the pastor in his review of the Annual Archdiocesan Financial Report. Meetings are held three times a year. Membership includes the parish priests, the business manager and lay members, appointed by the pastor. For more information, please contact Mary Landry at 215.343.0315.

Current Members: Carol Bauman, Jesse Brookreson, Tom Castaldi, Ed Clark, Kirk Clauss, Terry Funk, Robin Killion, Tony Mastrocco, Elmer O’Brien, John Prendergast, and Sue Westermann.

Parish Pastoral Council
The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body that advises and assists the Pastor in areas of pastoral concerns. The Council represents the needs of the parish community and makes recommendations. The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to foster full participation of the entire parish in the pastoral life and mission of the parish. The principal functions include advising and assisting the pastor in the following areas: Christian Community, Education/Faith Formation, Evangelization, Leadership, Service, Stewardship, and Worship. The Council consists of approximately 12 – 16 members including the priests, deacon, and lay members of the parish. Six members are elected and three are appointed by the pastor; all serve a three year term. Elections are held as needed. The Pastoral Council meets five times a year, September through May. For more information, please contact Tom Utermark at 215.343.9528.

Current Members: Joann Crescenzo, Sheila Fehrman, Joanne Galganski, Bill Gibbons, Ginny McDevitt, Amy Moffet, Betty Santoro, Mike Speranza, Joe Tate, Tom Utermark, and Brian Zook.

Ex-Officio Members:  Rev. Matthew Biedrzycki, Deacon George Morris, Mrs. Barbara Palo, Mrs. Deborah Jaster, Mrs. Donna Heeney, and Mrs. Joan Fitzpatrick.

Pastoral issues to be discussed? Contact one of the members. Contact information is found in the bulletin.