Parish Registration

The Parishes of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia are territorial parishes, which simply means that we have boundaries. If you are Catholic and live within a parish’s boundaries, you will belong to that particular parish.

Our Boundaries:  Western boundary of Warwick Twp. from Almshouse Road to Bristol Road; to Little Neshaminy Creek; to Worthington Drive (both sides); to St. David’s Drive (both sides); to Street Road; to Lower State Road; to Bristol Road; to Turk (Turkey Trot) Road; to Almshouse Road; to western boundary of Warwick Twp.

How to Register: The priests and deacon want to meet all new parishioners and personally welcome you to our parish.

In order to be officially registered in the parish, new parishioners must speak with one of the priests or the deacon. The usual time to register is after one of the weekend Masses and takes only a few minutes.

NOTE: You must be a registered member of the Parish for at least six months before you can receive a letter to be a Sponsor for Baptism or Confirmation.