Family P.R.E.P. Option

Our Family P.R.E.P. Option is a new program for families wishing to educate their children in a hybrid model of traditional classroom experience and homeschooling.

Our program will meet once a month on a Sunday, usually the 1st Sunday of the month.  We begin with the 9:00 Mass and then go over to school for refreshments and classes.  Classes will usually run from 10:00 to 11:15 or an hour and 15 minutes at the end of Mass.

Catechists will teach the children in age appropriate classrooms while the parents gather with a presenter to help them understand the faith topic they will teach their children during the month.  Catechist complete the 1st chapter of the unit with the students, the families complete the other two chapters at home.

Attendance at one family gathering, one spiritual gathering, and one work of mercy are also components of this program.

Tuition for the Family Program  2018-19

1 child — $145

2 children– $290

each additional child — $125

Family PREP Calendar